Agroturismo Ibiza

Natural pool for Agroturismo, Ibiza

Planned from the beginning as a semi-public swimming pond for an agro-tourism, it has only been able to fulfil this task since 2020. Since the building permit for the pool was granted much earlier than the license for the renovation and expansion work of the farmhouse, but the owner did not want to forego bathing in her natural pool, the construction work began in autumn 2014 and was completed in July 2015 .
The house was started much later and completed in 2020.

The pool with the dimensions 30 x 4 m was created in the classic pool construction in reinforced concrete and tiled with large ceramic. The pool was optically extended by a 6m long channel that surrounds the “chill-out” area. The natural pool is divided into the 25 m long swimming area and a 5 m long, 2.5 m deep regeneration area with Hydrobotanics. The view from the panorama sauna with three glass facades overlooks the pool with its underwater forest and flowering water lilies.

One long and one short side of the swimming area, following the old wall line of the terrain terracing, has an overflow edge with an “Infiniti effect”.

In order to take the severity from the clear, minimalist shape of the basin, stepping stones were integrated on pillars in the plant and entry area. This design element continues as a path in the garden.

The planted substrate filter is located slightly above the pools and has found its place in the former irrigation basin of the finca.

Usable area 100m2 / 153m3
Plant basin 20m2 / 50m3
Filter 16 m2, 20m3
Compensation tank 20m3