Telescopic pole extension


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Supplement item of 1302, includes screws.

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Extension telescopic bar extendable in two sections of 2.40 m each (product 1302).
Effectiveness with high quality in the basic maintenance tasks of the pool, with the Manzke guarantee. Comfortable and efficient cleaning.
With a maximum length of 4.80 meters, the extension that complements the Manzke 1302 telescopic pole is the perfect accessory for cleaning large pools.
Telescopic system that allows regulating the most appropriate measure for each need, depending on the dimensions and depth of the pool.
Ergonomic handle
Easy locking and unlocking mechanism.
Dimensions: 4.80 m (2 sections x 2.40 m)
Weight: 2 kg
It is part of the Manzke series of accessories for pool maintenance.
Compatible with automatic pool cleaners:

Taifun K Biturbo
Biturbo Tornado
Monsun Turbo 2
Orkan 3


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