Swimming and Snorkeling Pond, San Lorenzo, Ibiza

Can l’Amo

This private swimming pond is located in the center of the island of Ibiza. When the owner bought the finca, he also had a 30m salt water pool built, because at first he had no confidence in the water quality of the swimming pond planned at the same time. The prospect of a water biotope harmoniously integrated into the landscape was enough for him.

Since the pond was completed, it has served the owners and all friends as by far the most popular bathing option. Especially the skin-friendly, pleasant water and the embedding in the landscape are preferred, as well as the possibility to sit and stand in the water at different heights.

The condition for the award of the contract was the greatest possible visual closeness to nature. Artificial materials such as liner were not allowed to be visible. Therefore, a separation between swimming and regeneration areas was deliberately avoided.

The entire central ground of the pond is used as a gravel filter. The filtered, cool ground water is flowed from below into the underwater forests.

This swimming pond became an important multiplayer for the concept of swimming ponds on Ibiza.